I wanna be forever young

Me llamo Verónica pero me dicen vero, tengo 17, soy de San Antonio, Chile

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My mad fat diary has become my favourite show!!

Reminds me of Finn & his Rae.

"I always blush when I’m around Shailene." - Ansel Elgort

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"I’m gonna get out of here. It’s getting awkward!" — John Green

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El amor de mi vida…


me: my arm hurts
mom: it's the computer
me: my eyes hurt
mom: it's the computer
me: i have a nosebleed
mom: it's the computer
me: i have a fever
mom: are you sure it's not the heat from the computer
me: im pregnant
mom: it's the computer
me: i fell down the stairs & hurt my tailbone
mom: the computer pushed you didnt it

Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart

jajajaja xd holo.

la lleah